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Understand the sponge city thoroughly with the 48 picture

The beginning of April 2, 2015, sponge city construction started a pilot in China 16 city. So, how to build specific sponge city? Let us know about the city and the landscape design combined with the sponge most closely, low impact development. Imagine a city like "sponge" as a "flexible", when the city rain water, water, water, water, when you need to store the water release and then use them for the benefit of mankind. So, what is the relationship between the landscape industry and city construction sponge? Actually "sponge city" is based on landscape water ecological infrastructure support. Every inch of land of the city have some rain and flood regulation, water conservation and rainwater and sewage purification function, which is the sponge city construction based. However, all the key ecological process in the distribution of land is not balanced. Therefore, through the landscape design of the security pattern of "reasonable planning in urban waterlogging storage, water source protection and conservation, groundwater to fill, rain and sewage purification, habitat restoration, purification of soil and other important ecological water in the process of key area, location and space, they constitute a common water ecological infrastructure. The concept of "sponge" is not a virtual, it corresponds to a real landscape pattern in the construction of "sponge city;" that is, the establishment of water ecological infrastructure, which is the way to the most efficient and intensive. This "sponge city construction concept and application in landscape design is inseparable. Below by a Chinese take you into the landscape in the application of sponge city construction!

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