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What is the quality of PVA water sponge, absorbent sponge tube

What is the quality of PVA water sponge, absorbent sponge tube, absorbent sponge stick. The water absorbent sponge roller
PVA chemical resistance absorbent sponge tube
Suitable for: printed circuit board equipment after washing drying before, after drying the front wheel air knife. Features: not dry and hard, the temperature of 120 DEG C, super absorbent, strong toughness, wear resistance, no crumbs.
This product does not need to feed water moisturizing, roller not dry hard phenomenon, and always maintain roundness and elasticity, increase service life of 5 times, improve production speed 6-8M/ points, chemical resistance (copper chloride, nitrate, 10%). PE chemical absorbent sponge roller:
Sponge roller with chemical resistance made of polyethylene. Not hardened, the temperature of 60 DEG C, strong water absorption, water retention, chemical resistance, without water moisturizing. PO chemical absorbent sponge roller:
Novel super absorbent resin roller is a rolling liquid and using from the development of high performance resin roll micro continuous porous manufacturing technology, is widely used in acid, alkali resistance and other excellent resistance of resin production. At the end of printing system, the shading plate, semiconductor plating process, filters, tab film in the manufacturing process of the product to promote the smooth drug mangle. To ensure the stable production of high quality products. Reduce the drug use, water and waste water. The earth is composed of hydrophilic polymer PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) made of absorbent sponge roller. Because the hydrophilic substrate very fine connected pores to has good water absorption and water retention ability, in addition to its unique flexibility, abrasion resistance, so widely used in printed circuit board, glass wash, water absorption and dehydration process. Suitable for circuit board equipment washing after absorbing water roller. Features: hydrophilicity and excellent temperature resistance of 60 DEG C.
Use method: soak in water for 30 minutes, let the liquid into the balance wheel (moisture). Advantages: low cost, good water absorption. PVC chemical absorbent sponge roller
Sponge roller with high chemical resistance made of pvc. It will not hardening after drying, so there is no need to maintain. It adapts to the vacuum suction, also suitable for etching liquid, liquid.
Apply to: the period of chemical etching solution and washed after absorbing water roller. (automatic imaging machine, imaging solution, fixed liquid washing water drawing) features: not dry and hard, the temperature of 60 DEG C, strong water absorption, water retention, chemical resistance (sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, 30%, ammonium water 10%).
PP chemical absorbent sponge roller
Suitable for: chemical etching groove roller.
Features: chemical solution (sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, nitric acid 30%, 20%). This product is designed for the period of chemical etching liquid liquid extrusion, special cutting wheel, prevent liquid erosion wheel cause deterioration or out of liquids. Made a great contribution to environmental protection.
Features: acid, alkali resistance and other excellent resistance. All products of environmental protection and safety,

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