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Sponge specifications and concept

An ordinary sponge (from 15 to 50 density)
Two, fine sponge (without any filler, the foam is uniform, tension, extension of superior strength)
Three, flame retardant sponge (white, black, grey, blue and other various Density specifications)
Four, mesh, filter sponge (coarse pores, sponge, a variety of colors)
Five, special sponge (polyester, polyether, conductive, antistatic etc)
Six, with a hard sponge (hard, hard, hardness)
Seven, high rebound sponge (28d, 30d, 33d, 40d etc.)
Eight, ultra soft sponge
Nine, slow rebound sponge
Model ten, sponge foaming mould
Eleven, deep processing of sponge
Twelve, renewable sponge
Thirteen, composite sponge (flame sponge, sponge adhesive composite materials)
Fourteen, sponge mattress
Fifteen, rubber sponge (EVA, PE, EPE etc.)
Sixteen, the color of the sponge (Zao Mian)

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