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The application of industrial brushes in the car cleaning work on

Industrial application of the brush in all walks of life, the very large today and everyone together about application of industrial brushes in the car cleaning work.
Now for the automotive industry should be regarded as a no small progress, now almost every family has a car, of course, many cars, auto maintenance and repair industry also developed, so in the car wash and maintenance industry, how to the car for cleaning work? Due to the car after all not low price products, at least the price of a car is more than a few million, then the car wash industry, in the cleaning process to the car be careful, a accidentally will damage the car, resulting in serious consequences. So how to clean the car?
Industrial brush roller
Industrial brush roller
First of all the work of cleaning the body to use clean water to flush again, in professional car wash liquid for cleaning, the car body of the cleaning liquid rinse clean with water, the outside of the body clean. The most important is the car interior cleaning, internal cleaning process to use professional cleaner debris of adsorption working, before with a vacuum cleaner to in the cleaner head for dedicated to clean the automobile industrial brushes, so you can more effectively the corner of the dust absorption into a vacuum cleaner with industrial brush of vacuum, the dishcloth on special cleaner to wipe a few minutes, until after the dissolution of the dust, reoccupy clear water is wiped car interior. Leather products can be a towel on a small amount of clean water, so it is not easy to damage the genuine products.

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