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PVA absorbent sponge, brush roller brush is made of spring technology to solve the many problems

The brush roll is made of spring brush process to solve the problem of high density, high fastness, manufacturing equipment will go through a brush brush by a wire pressing aluminum belt or stainless steel strips made of a brush. From the brush strip extruder of semi finished product of brush direct access to spring brush hair equipment around and by strong pressure and traction spring like wound on the roller shaft, shaping, and then remove the shaft roller brush, brush springs was formed.
Spring brush more and more many automation equipment applications, the main use is industrial production in the process of sealing, cleaning, cleaning, polishing, transportation and so on, according to the spring brush materials have the following items:
1, containing corundum abrasive wire brush roller: mainly used in steel mills or other hardware industry to the plate to clean rust and other castings deburring polishing treatment, the treatment of steel, aluminum, copper and other products of the polishing treatment and the mirror effect, corundum abrasive wire brush is the integration of silicon carbide materials to the nylon, then made a wire brush, after forming wire brush to keep the elasticity and toughness of nylon, silicon carbide to the effect of grinding.
2, steel wheels, steel wire roller: mainly used in stone grinding, surface treatment of marble granite and other products, the main role is to eliminate the stone grinding and sanding, surface irregularities make it smooth and clean.
3, a nylon brush roller: it should be the most widely, is mainly used for industrial cleaning, fruits and vegetables industrialization production of packaging before cleaning.
4, bristle brush roller, brush roller: using a special process requirements of high temperature resistance, good elasticity, high hardness, abrasion resistance, such as singeing machine in textile industry, machine width, dyeing and finishing plant used in the pressure side wheel to the edge and press it into a needle plate.
5, horse hair brush roller: Based on the ordinary brush roller replacement materials, because of horsehair wear resistance and corrosion resistance, usually used to leather processing, flooring, furniture, surface polishing, waxing, sealing glaze.
6, sisal wheel, sisal brush roller: interact with other brush roller is the same, just material properties of hard, suitable for special process of polishing and grinding operations.

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